love the stars, love the moon

howdy-do, i'm mark and i'm in a toxic, codependent relationship with red bullelectrical engineering major (digital signal processing specialization)french americancali broski'01 linerhe/himon pst timeintjchaotic neutralslytherinnervous as a lap dogsupporting of all identities and sexualities

my frens / chiolsmy kittylow qual soft picscurry ricethin mintsbass guitarcloudy dayscursed imagesretro aestheticspolice procedural shows

tv shows:
monk (2002) good omensthe penguins of madagascar (2008) is the pinnacle of human cinematic creationthe mandalorianthe good placebbc sherlockthe officepsychsabrina the teenage witch (1996)

the truman showget smartthe hundred-foot journeychocolatthe ghost writer

writingbeing contrarydepriving myself of sleepsurreal memesugly tablet artpost-ironic conspiracy theoriesthrowing my love & affection at people devoting unhealthy quantities of time and money to swtorgushing over my friendssending unsolicited cat picshanding out nicknames like the pretzels no one wants on halloweenadding way too much sweetenernerding out over star wars

rockindiehip/hopr&bclassicalk-popbig-band jazzdoo-wopvaporwavebossa novabeach goth

day6cage the elephantnctqueenstray kidsexochildish gambino3rachaelodeanweezerrich brianred velvetateezthe neighbourhoodpentagon

bias groups: day6, nct, stray kids

ult: brian kangbias wrecker: jaehyung park + kim wonpil

ult: lee donghyuck + lee taeyongbias wrecker: mark lee + huang renjun

stray kids:
ult: han jisungbias wrecker: lee minho + chris bang

bias: byun baekhyunbias wrecker: park chanyeol

bias: yan an bias wrecker: all of those adorable souls

bias: park seonghwabias wrecker: kim hongjoong + choi san

red velvet:
bias: kang seulgibias wrecker: park sooyoung

bias: jeon soyeonbias wrecker: yoon minhee + song yuqi